Subject: Proactive wireless networks with hostapd From: Reyk Floeter Date: 2005-10-08 Tags: blog OpenBSD hostapd Wireless LAN was my major topic during the early 2000s. Before I joined OpenBSD, I contributed to various Linux WLAN kernel drivers, tools, and released „void11“ as a Proof-of-Concept WLAN-DoS-Attack. I later started working on a „blob“-free Linux driver for the Atheros chipsets, that I finished for OpenBSD. I also worked on OpenBSD's net80211 stack and implemented hostapd(8), an IAPP service that is taking care of wireless networks. On the practical side, I did some consulting about WLAN security and was able to run large wireless networks using OpenBSD-based access points with ath(4) and hostapd(8) on events like 21c3 or What-The-Hack. ---- [Read more on undeadly...](